Friday, October 12, 2012

Who's Our Kids' Genetic Father?

We understand people are naturally curious, and that this question is likely one we will encounter often. Most families that are readily identifiable as atypical--whether they're gay, multiracial, or adoptive--should expect more questions than the typical Brady Bunch. [Although the Bradys would probably generate a raft of questions these days, too, come to think of it.] 

From the outset, John and I have agreed that who supplied the genetic material for our children is of less importance than the fact we are both 100% committed to our children. They are, and will always be greatly loved by their devoted 2 fathers.

As far as their ethnicity is concerned, we have insured that our children have genetically one parent who is of Asian descent (with similar features to John), and one parent of Caucasian descent (with similar features to me). Our children are biracial, and they will blend seamlessly into our biracial family.

Though we understand it’s only natural to be curious about who supplied the genetic material (sperm & eggs), we are under no obligation to satisfy people’s curiosity in this respect (remember the old proverb “curiosity killed the cat”). We don't think as gay parents, we should have to seek "acceptance" or "get fans," any more than a straight married couple "needs" such external validation. And why should anybody have the implied obligation to satisfy someone's curiosity. That having been said we feel that this question is too personal to answer. 

We respectfully say to anyone inquiring (outside of our immediate family of 4) that the answer to this question is none of their business. 


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  1. I love your attitude towards this and compketely agree! It doesn't matter to us who gave what biologically , its noones business but ours and if we are happy any curious intruders can butt out :-) good on ya!