Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our Gay Pumpkin Family

It's Autumn in Clifton, and we've been decorating with pumpkins...

It's our future family in pumpkins. Only John & I know the significance of this display. I'm the one on the left, John's on the right, & our little unborn twins are the cutey pumpkin heads.

We're so ready for them to be born. I can't wait for the day I can to do crafts like this with them. They will be so loved... Please be born kids; we need you desperately; but come on time, not too early.

Here's some other Autumn pictures from around our house.
As you likely know, one of my hobbies is gardening...

    Left side view as you approach the front of our house.

 I'm surprised these roses are blooming so well, so late. These are called 'Easy Going' roses, & are so fragrant. I wish this picture was a "scratch & sniff" 

This is the 2nd year for these 'Autumn Joy' sedum. They are doing so well, the big ones are over 3 ft. tall!

The mums are doing beautifully. I planted these mums in 2010, & they do so well. I feel so good when I see them come back every year. They are like my dear little garden friends.

Last big harvest of the basil. The nights are getting too cold. The stems are blackening, leaves yellowing & wilting. But I was still able to harvest this last big pan full. Pesto anybody? :o)

Thanks for letting me share these pictures with you.