Saturday, January 5, 2013

30+ WEEKS!

We wait, wait, and wait, as time snails along at such a slow pace since last May. Finally though, we're over 30 weeks along, and the pace has quickened. The goal is within reach! I know time will now start to fly as we breeze through the holiday season. Our to-do list is lengthy. When I think of all the preparation still needing to be done it feels at times a bit overwhelming.

We will be ready! We must be ready! But please babies give us at least 6 more weeks at least!

All our reports about the surrogate have been great, no issues, a problem free pregnancy...we are so thankful!
The USG pictures we've been getting now are mostly head shots, top of the head with nothing to see. Our babies have brains! See below a picture of one of baby's lovely brains...

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