Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I See Little People!

I arrived last Thursday, 1/11/13, & the next morning I held our son and daughter for the first time. Love at first sight. So tiny, so helpless. I couldn't bare to be parted from them. So I took them with me immediately, back to the hotel.

So begins our journey together, from little beginnings...

I wouldn't say our last 5 days together have been leisurely.
Oh, no, they have been some of the busiest days of my life, and remember, I do have experience working with small kids, lol. Our angels are 33 week preemies, so they do require a little more careful care. The round the clock feedings every 2 to 3 hours alone have tested both my mental & physical strengths. But when I cuddle them. When I look into their helpless little brown eyes, smell their newness, hear their gentle coos (or their earth shattering screams) it's in these moments that I realize, what I'm experiencing now, is one of life's greatest experiences & gifts. It truly makes life worth living.

The only thing that would add to this joy, is when my dear sweet John is here to join me.

Here's a couple of pics in which I endeavor (I think successfully)  to showcase their more adorable qualities....

 Ava on the left, & Aiden on the right...enjoying a little twin time nap in Ava's portable bassinet.

Here's Ava, enjoying her third breakfast, lol. Perhaps she' part Hobbit (little Lord of the Rings joke, sorry)

                                                                     Ava sleeping
cuddling Aiden

Sunday, January 6, 2013

They're Here! Pink & Blue!

We got some awesome news yesterday, at about 2:15 AM (Delhi, India time) Saturday January 5, 2013, our lovely children were born into this wonderful world! 

Anouncing the birth of our tiny girl weighing a little less than 4 lbs (drum rolls please):

Ava Linh T...

...And her bigger brother, weighing in at almost 5 lbs (drum rolls continue):

Aiden Kai T...

(Pictures taken soon after birth, courtesy of SCI Healthcare)

They're more than a few weeks early, Monday would have be 34 weeks, but they are healthy, breathing on their own, only requiring tube feedings for now, which is really good for babies so tiny, late preemies. The doctor is confident that perhaps they'll be feeding on their own in a week.

Some of you already know that they've been trying to escape the womb for almost a month (they just couldn't sit still in there). About 3 weeks ago our surrogate was hospitalized for 9 days with early labor. She was eventually sent home last Sunday (12/30). We thought things were back on schedule, but sometimes as you know babies have other plans. Was it to much curry? To much Bollywood? I guess we'll never really know...

We had planned to arrive in India to leisurely prepare for delivery on 1/20/13. We had already booked plane tickets, hotel, etc. (that would have been about 36 weeks, plenty of time to wait, right? LOL). We've been scrambling since yesterday to rearrange things, wooosh!

Since we're not certain yet how long their hospital stay will be, I'll be traveling there this Wednesday, arriving Thursday (1/10/13). When things are more certain, and an exiting schedule can be arranged, John will fly over and join me with all the legal stuff. It could be a few weeks, or longer, we really don't know right now. 

We so wish we were there to hold our little ones, but we know they're in very good hands until we arrive. Thank you for sharing our joy on this happiest of days. 

There is still so much to do and so little precious time. Please, forgive us if we can't answer our phones or respond to messages as soon as we'd like. We will keep in touch. Talk with you all soon!!! 

I started this blog last summer (but never published it). It started as something therapeutic for me. I used it to articulate answers to questions about our journey through surrogacy, and a little about our history. We agree that it would be useful to share with family and friends what's going on, to help answer questions you may have, but not feel comfortable asking. Please, feel free to read through the past posts. It will catch you up nicely, on the where's whens, & whys. We will also try to keep it updated as "Operation Out-of-India" unfolds. 


Saturday, January 5, 2013

30+ WEEKS!

We wait, wait, and wait, as time snails along at such a slow pace since last May. Finally though, we're over 30 weeks along, and the pace has quickened. The goal is within reach! I know time will now start to fly as we breeze through the holiday season. Our to-do list is lengthy. When I think of all the preparation still needing to be done it feels at times a bit overwhelming.

We will be ready! We must be ready! But please babies give us at least 6 more weeks at least!

All our reports about the surrogate have been great, no issues, a problem free pregnancy...we are so thankful!
The USG pictures we've been getting now are mostly head shots, top of the head with nothing to see. Our babies have brains! See below a picture of one of baby's lovely brains...