Sunday, January 6, 2013

They're Here! Pink & Blue!

We got some awesome news yesterday, at about 2:15 AM (Delhi, India time) Saturday January 5, 2013, our lovely children were born into this wonderful world! 

Anouncing the birth of our tiny girl weighing a little less than 4 lbs (drum rolls please):

Ava Linh T...

...And her bigger brother, weighing in at almost 5 lbs (drum rolls continue):

Aiden Kai T...

(Pictures taken soon after birth, courtesy of SCI Healthcare)

They're more than a few weeks early, Monday would have be 34 weeks, but they are healthy, breathing on their own, only requiring tube feedings for now, which is really good for babies so tiny, late preemies. The doctor is confident that perhaps they'll be feeding on their own in a week.

Some of you already know that they've been trying to escape the womb for almost a month (they just couldn't sit still in there). About 3 weeks ago our surrogate was hospitalized for 9 days with early labor. She was eventually sent home last Sunday (12/30). We thought things were back on schedule, but sometimes as you know babies have other plans. Was it to much curry? To much Bollywood? I guess we'll never really know...

We had planned to arrive in India to leisurely prepare for delivery on 1/20/13. We had already booked plane tickets, hotel, etc. (that would have been about 36 weeks, plenty of time to wait, right? LOL). We've been scrambling since yesterday to rearrange things, wooosh!

Since we're not certain yet how long their hospital stay will be, I'll be traveling there this Wednesday, arriving Thursday (1/10/13). When things are more certain, and an exiting schedule can be arranged, John will fly over and join me with all the legal stuff. It could be a few weeks, or longer, we really don't know right now. 

We so wish we were there to hold our little ones, but we know they're in very good hands until we arrive. Thank you for sharing our joy on this happiest of days. 

There is still so much to do and so little precious time. Please, forgive us if we can't answer our phones or respond to messages as soon as we'd like. We will keep in touch. Talk with you all soon!!! 

I started this blog last summer (but never published it). It started as something therapeutic for me. I used it to articulate answers to questions about our journey through surrogacy, and a little about our history. We agree that it would be useful to share with family and friends what's going on, to help answer questions you may have, but not feel comfortable asking. Please, feel free to read through the past posts. It will catch you up nicely, on the where's whens, & whys. We will also try to keep it updated as "Operation Out-of-India" unfolds. 



  1. Congratulations!!! They're both beautiful - I'm so happy for you both!

  2. Congratulations to you both - enjoy being a family! What a wonderful way to start 2013!

  3. Congratulations! I just came across your blog....and we live nearby too! Our girls were born in India at 32/33 weeks and are perfectly healthy and active now...some 2 1/2 years later! They were 4 pounds at birth as well. Best wishes!

    1. That's lovely, 3 little girls, you must keep busy.
      Congrats on your kids.
      Keep in touch.

  4. Congratulations!! They are beautiful and apparently can't wait to meet you. Safe travels over to India to meet your new babies - we are expecting twins in March and are from the Philly area - so not to far away!

    1. Thanks, we love Philly. We've been a few times for quick weekend getaways.
      Congrats on your twins. You're in for an exciting adventure, love, love, LOVE these adorable little people.
      All the best to you both! Cheers!

  5. Congratulations to you both. You are blessed with two beautiful babies. We also have twins coming supposedly first week of May, but in case they come early, we thought we'd come in April. There has been a recent 'scare' about the "enforcement" of Indian medical visa for surrogacy. We'll be curious how things are right now at FRRO. Please keep us posted. Thanks!

    1. I'll keep you posted. We hired the assistance of a local attorney, Ms. Poonam. She's lovely. I expressed to her similar concerns. She's not had any problems with clients who continue to exit with tourist visas (which is what I have but I acquired it before the Dec/12 enforcement of the July/12 law).
      She said the law is more complicated, & involves much more than the news release articles that have tried to explain it. It could potentially affect clients, but those entering into contracts after the enforcement period. We'll be okay because our surrogacy contract predates the law.

      I heard that Michael was able to recently obtain a medical visa to pick up his little girl. I spoke with him & his mother at Eden Hospital recently. Evidently its possible to get.

      Best of luck to you both. You're in for an amazing ride! I'll keep you posted. CHEERS!

  6. Those are good weights! You must be freaked -- I know I was when our girls came seven weeks early -- but if they're breathing on their own and not having any complications, they'll be fine. Congrats!

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words. According to the Dr.'s report ours were also 33 weeks, but our own calculations put it at just a few days shy of 34 weeks. They're doing very well. I've been managing their care by myself since 1/12. A little tired, bit so far so good. I can't let them out of my sight.
      John will be here next Sunday. He's really been anxious to get here. It's been hard on him because of his work deadlines that required his mandatory attention.

      I'm happy to hear your kids are doing beautifully. It's an amazing feeling, surreal really, to look into those little humans, & know you're entrusted with their care.
      All the best, cheers!