Wednesday, June 5, 2013

5 Months & Growing

It's already been 5 months, unbelievable! At times it feels like life is speeding by at lightning speed.

We can not even imagine life without our sweet little kids. I've been staying at home with the kids, while John keeps us financially afloat. He takes off every possible day he can and as many work from home days as his company will allow. It really has been going great. Here is a few pictures of the kids.

                                                     Here they are at about 3 months.

                                                   These were taken at about 5 months.
They've been eating good, and growing fast. The doctor always comments on how healthy they look. They are such sweet babies, they seldom cry or fuss, and are no trouble at all.
I just wanted to say "Hi". I hope everyone is doing well. I wish all you soon to be parents success on your journey. To all you parents who've successfully circumvented the hurdles (or are in the process) I wish you all the best. What an amazing ride life is. Through the all the fears and tears, the coos, poops, and pees there is the joy beyond all compare.

I don't know what else to say, so I'll say good-bye.... life is good, so I'll go for now and get back to living it. CHEERS!




  1. They're just adorable! Nice to see they are doing well. Congrats again!

  2. Beautiful babies. We are not too from from you guys (in Brooklyn, NY) 19 weeks pregnant with twins at SCI. Enjoyed reading your blogs.

    1. Thanks, no you're not far at all. I lived in Brooklyn for 8 years (1995-2003). We now live about 25 minutes from Manhattan.
      Congratulations on your pregnancy!

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